2015 Goals

Last updated 6/01/2016.

1. Pay all debt off – DONE! (Well, kind of. Aaaaaand again. Frustrating year!)
2. Lose 3kg. (No luck here. I haven’t weighed myself for over a year. But… I don’t think I’ve put on any weight, either, so.)
3. Read 10 books (Final count – 9.5/10. I meant to finish the 10th book, but the year got away on me. I’m tempted to count this as a win, but I guess it’s technically not!)
4. Listen to 10 albums by bands I haven’t heard of (I don’t really know if I did this. I definitely listened to 100-odd songs by bands I’d never heard of before, so, I’m going to call this a sort of win!
5. End of the Road Sep 2015 (We went – it was great! Incredible, even.)
6. One holiday (We managed this – plus some! A LEJOG trip, a trip to the USA, a trip to Bruges, and one to Edinburgh. I’d call this a resounding success.)
7. See 20 bands live (10/20 was managed, despite there being a couple more we were meant to go to. I’m going to aim for 12 this year. A bit more managable!)
8. Write 52 letters. (17/52. I’m still determined to finish this one off, so it will eventually have been done, just a few weeks late.)
9. 1 second of video a day (365 days) (Totally managed this! Minus half a dozen days or so that I forgot about – there will imminently be a ‘year in reivew – second a day video for 2015!).
10. Finish NaNoWriMo 2015. (100k.) (I ACTUALLY DID THIS. it was hard, and it sucked at time s – but I did it. It actually happened. I can say I did it. And never again.

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